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It’s Tax Time with Mike Wright

In this episode we talk about many of the recent changes in tax law and how they affect Real Estate Agents and small businesses. Podcast Takeaways Consult with your own tax advisor! Standard Deduction has doubled to $24,000 in 2019 Look at your business structure. It can make a huge [...]

Real Estate Tweets for Agents

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents can be a scary morass of minefields to avoid. Many of the experts contradict themselves with do this, don't do that advice. Sometimes it is about frequency of posts other times it's about the type of content to post. Don't be too "salesy", [...]

4 Blog Tips for Real Estate

As a real estate agent there is a lot of competition for web site traffic. You are competing with other agents, brokers, and national sites for visitors. Blogging is one the strongest and most cost effective real estate marketing strategies for bringing visitors to your site over others. Below are [...]

4 Reasons Text Messaging Works for REALTORS®

Text Messaging for REALTORS® Text messaging has been in use by some real estate agents for years. While others have tended to shy away from it. Below are some of the reasons that our clients like it Phone Number Capture - With Text Messaging the agent instantly captures the phone [...]

Real Estate Email Marketing Reports

What do all of those terms in my email marketing reports mean? Opened - The number of unique people that opened an email at least once.  Even though they may have opened the email more than once they are still only counted once. Unopened - The number of emails that [...]

QR Codes for Real Estate

Digital Home Info has integrated QR Codes into its Real Estate Marketing platform. In addition to being available for immediate download and use in other marketing media we have integrated QR Codes into the new Virtual Tour flyers and will be adding them to signs and riders.

Mobile Marketing for REALTORS

Does mobile marketing generate leads for Real Estate? Yes!!! Real Estate is a business founded on the concept of marketing property to prospective buyers and representation for sellers. It's all about marketing and reaching prospective buyers. One of the key success factors is providing information to buyers in a quick and [...]

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