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Interview with Leeann Kearley – Reverse Mortgage Expert

In this episode we talk through many aspects of reverse mortgages. We talk about qualifying, benefits and impact a reverse mortgage can have on heirs and more... Interview with Leeann Kearley - Reverse Mortgage Expert Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing podcast. I'm Adam [...]

All About Staging | An interview with Whitney Vredenburgh of Nested Spaces

Great conversation with Whitney Vredenburgh of Nested Spaces about home staging benefits. Nested Spaces is an Indianapolis based home staging service committed to providing clients with best in the business design services. Home Staging Interview Transcript Adam Small: Good afternoon and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Podcast. I'm Adam Small and today [...]

Tech Is Enhancing The Human Experience

Doug recently visited Dell Technologies World 2018 in Las Vegas and came back with some amazing insight into how tech can be used to enhance the human experience. Listen below: Dell EMC is more than just your desktop PC - Dell helps power the Internet with specialized storage and computing [...]

Data Privacy And Real Estate | Real Estate Marketing Podcast

Data Privacy Lately the social media giants have gotten a lot of attention because of data privacy violations. In this episode Doug and walk through the issues surrounding data privacy. Hope you enjoy. Data Privacy Take Aways You are the product for social media companies. Social Media has a lot [...]

Facebook Live Marketing Tips

Facebook Live Marketing Tips Facebook Live (and live video in general) is becoming a major marketing channel for real estate agents. In this episode Doug and I provide Facebook Live Marketing Tips on everything from content to technique. Listen below: Facebook Live for Real Estate Take Aways Avoid Reversed text [...]

Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages In this episode we focus on Real Estate Landing Pages. We talk about what they are, how to use them to generate leads and provide value to your customers. Real Estate Landing Pages Take Aways Create more real estate landing pages Test real estate landing pages [...]

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography - Getting the most out of it. In this podcast we discuss tips and tricks to making great photos for your real estate marketing and why real estate photography is so important to growing your real estate business. Real Estate Photography Take Aways Clean Up! - make [...]

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

Mobile Marketing (along with Social Media Marketing) seems to be one of the buzz terms in the Real Estate industry lately. Because of this interest a number of companies have popped up recently that claim to have a Real Estate Mobile Marketing solution. Invariably, many of them  have a similar concept; [...]

Real Estate Podcasting

Real Estate Podcast Looking to enhance your real estate marketing with a Real Estate Podcast? Listen to our real estate podcast where we talk about how to get started with your own real estate podcast, what equipment and software you will need, how to syndicate and distribute your real estate [...]

Millennial Marketing for Real Estate Agents | Podcast

Important Factors in Real Estate Millennial Marketing Most real estate agents know that Millennials are one of the fastest growing segments of real estate buyers. With that in mind we sat down with our very millennial, Intern Austin, and talked about real estate Millennial Marketing. Real Estate Millennial Marketing Take [...]

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