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Renovation Loans – What agents need to know!

In the studio today, we have Katie Hughes and Michael Kerkhof from Caliber Home Loans and they are going to teach us all about Home Renovation Loans. Katie Hughes Michael Kerkhof   Podcast Links Find a State Association Indiana Association of REALTORS® Home Renovation Loans Podcast Transcription Adam Small: Hello [...]

Home Inventories And Their Benefits

We had a great interview with Cindy Hartman of Nationwide Inventory Professionals about Home Inventories and their value.   Home Inventories And Their Benefits< Podcast Links/h2> Nationwide Inventory Professionals National Inventory Certification Association Reasons To Inventory Loss - Knowing make, model, serial number, and quantity will help tremendously in case [...]

Why YPN is a great organization! | Podcast

Today we're going to be talking about YPN and why it's a great organization for real estate agents to get involved. Drew Fristoe Kady Overton   Podcast Links Why YPN Is A Great Organization For Agents To Get Involved Takeaways Show Up - just showing up to events [...]

Home Flipping Tips | Podcast

In this podcast we look at what flipping houses is really like with Wendy Russell, a real estate investor and TV personality out of Toronto, Canada. Wendy Russell Home Flipping Tips Takeaways Watch out for the hidden expenses! Build a team of contractors, real estate agents and bankers. Always get [...]

Why Real Estate Agents Should Attend Conventions

A great discussion with Donna Gordon-Willoughby and Nelson Weaver of Kentucky Realtor Association on why agents should attend local, state and national conventions. Donna Gordon-Willoughby Nelson Weaver   Why Real Estate Agents Should Attend Conventions Takeaways There are specific programs for New Agents at the conferences. CRS Agents Make significantly [...]


5 TIPS FOR SHOWCASING YOUR REAL ESTATE EXPERTISE Grab Coffee. Set a weekly coffee hour where people can come meet you at a coffee shop and ask real estate questions. Send out an email (and make a social media post) inviting your contacts to join you [...]

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Testimonials and Reviews for Real Estate | Real Estate Testimonials and Reviews

We decided it would be a good idea to do a podcast on recommendations, testimonials and reviews, and how they can impact your real estate business being found online. Real Estate Testimonials and Reviews Takeaways Get a Google My Business Page. Continuously ask for Testimonials and Reviews. Respond to Testimonials [...]

Senior Relocation Services – Interview with Harmony Moves

An enlightening interview with Johna Cripe and Nicky Corder on the Senior Relocation services that Harmony Moves offers. A must listen for any real estate agent. Senior Relocation Services Links Senior Relocation Services Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is [...]

Internet of Things and Real Estate Marketing

Internet of Things The Internet of Things is about to connect us in ways that we never imagined. We talk about how this is going to impact the real estate marketing world in this episode. Internet of Things Take Aways Internet of Things Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Good afternoon, this [...]

Blockchain in Real Estate

We discuss what Blockchain technology is and how it can used in the real estate industry for to provide greater transactional security. Blockchain in Real Estate Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hi there, Adam Small here with Agent Sauce, and this is the real estate marketing podcast. With me as always [...]

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