What do all of those terms in my email marketing reports mean?

Opened – The number of unique people that opened an email at least once.  Even though they may have opened the email more than once they are still only counted once.
Unopened – The number of emails that were not opened.

Bounce – An email that was unable to be delivered because of an issue with the email address. i.e. bad email address, miss- spelled name, domain is expired etc…

Delivered – The number of emails that were delivered.

Total Opens – The total number of times the email has been viewed.  Each time the subscriber opens the email is counted.

Clicks – The total number of times a link in the email has been clicked.

Unique Clicks – The number of times links in the email have been clicked.  If a subscriber clicked on a link more than once it is only counted once.

Forwards – The total number of times that the email was forwarded using the “Forward” feature link in the email.

Opt Outs – The number of people that opted out/unsubscribed from your list using a the link in this campaign.

Feel free to contact us if we missed any terms.