Real Estate Direct Mail

Stop buying real estate leads. Use these 5 Ideas for creating your own real estate leads.

5 ways to generate real estate leads Generating real estate leads is essential to growing your business as a real estate agent. You need quality prospects to close deals and earn income. There are several tried-and-true strategies for drawing in potential buyers and sellers who will ultimately become loyal clients. [...]

How to use Direct Mail to Market Yourself as the Local Real Estate Expert

How to use Direct Mail to Market Yourself as the Local Real Estate Expert Is direct mail even effective anymore? Is it worth the effort and expense when everyone is online nowadays? These are questions that often get asked about direct mail marketing. In reality, direct mail marketing has [...]

Is Direct Mail Effective for Real Estate Agents?

Are you looking for a marketing strategy that can help you reach potential clients and generate leads…one that has a proven track record for real estate agents? Look no further than direct mail! Direct mail, a physical piece of mail that is sent directly to a recipient's mailbox, may [...]

Why Direct Mail Still Works to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Benefits of Sending Direct Mail to Grow Your Real Estate Business Over the last couple of years, the pandemic caused all kinds of businesses to adapt to the new normal: increasing virtual interactions, digital marketing efforts, virtual networking events, and more. We saw the rise of remote-working, teleconferencing, contactless [...]