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Getting Started with Real Estate Email Marketing Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of real estate email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns. What do I email about? Where do I get my list of email addresses? How many/how often should [...]

Inbox Scanner | Real Estate Marketing

We are excited to announce the Inbox Scanner. The Agent Sauce Inbox Scanner automatically imports email addresses to your Real Estate CRM contact list. This is a new feature for our customers on the Plus program. When enabled this feature allows Agent Sauce to import the email address, first name, [...]

Easter Real Estate Email Templates!

Easter is coming up this weekend and some of you may want to send an email to your contacts. We just made it even easier for you to to this with our new Easter Real Estate Email Templates. In fact, you can set one up in less than five minutes [...]

New Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

What's new this week? 2 new Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns Many of you utilize the Buyers & Sellers drip series when you begin working with a customer. We have added 2 more: -First Time Buyers -Downsizing Sellers Don't forget, once these drip series are sent to your contacts, [...]

Real Estate Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Do you have a real estate content marketing strategy? Does it align with your real estate content marketing sales funnel? What does your Real Estate Content Marketing Sales Funnel look like? Aligning your real estate content marketing strategy with your sales funnel will help you generate and convert more real [...]

10 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Earlier this month we posted 4 Blog Tips for Real Estate so we thought that we would do a follow up and provide 10 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents this week. 1. List Post - List posts are great... because they work. Try creating a list of events [...]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

For years I have been hearing that email marketing is dead. Social Media, text messaging, mobile apps, etc... have all been touted as the email killer. The reality is that while Social Media, text messaging and mobile apps are strong communication and marketing strategies, nothing beats email marketing. 77% of [...]

Lead Nurturing for REALTORS® with Email Marketing

Our customers have often told us that most of the people that they meet aren't ready to buy or sell right away. This is where lead nurturing with email marketing enters the picture. Just because someone isn't ready to buy or sell right then doesn't mean that they aren't a [...]

3 Ways Real Estate agents can grow their email list

When it comes to Real Estate Email Marketing growing your email list is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our agents. This is a valid concern! All email lists will shrink over time. People close email accounts, opt-out because they are no longer interested or simply stop reading [...]


A few weeks ago I wrote about Yahoo updating their DMARC policy and how this would affect emails delivery if you use a email address. Well, it looks like AOL has followed suit and done the same thing. This means that if you are using an email address [...]

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