Send Personalized Real Estate Postcards

Though it’s one of the oldest forms of marketing that we offer in our platform, it is still one of the most effective methods for engaging both your sphere and/or your farming community. We offer a print-only plan with no monthly or annual cost other than what you order. Set up your profile, your preferences, and your list (or farming area), and be ready to order print quickly and easily.

Below are some of the options that we offer (we can also do custom options or print your own designs-contact us for layout requirements):

  • Just Listed/Just Sold/Open House: Put your listing to work to get your next client!
  • Postcard of the Month: We’ll send you a monthly option already branded-simply confirm that you want to send
  • Seasonal Options: Give your contacts some fun things to do each season or remind them of their home needs as the weather changes.
  • Support Local: One of our most popular options. Highlight local businesses while reminding people that you know the area and are a good resource for things beyond real estate.
  • Market Stats: Share a snapshot of what has been going on in the industry prompting people to get more information about their own property
  • Neighborhood: Want to sell more homes in your own community? We offer options to help you connect with your fellow neighbors.
  • Holiday Cards: In addition to holiday postcards, we offer 5×7 Holiday cards (with an envelope) for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Just order and let us take care of getting them to your contacts.