Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents can be a scary morass of minefields to avoid. Many of the experts contradict themselves with do this, don’t do that advice. Sometimes it is about frequency of posts other times it’s about the type of content to post. Don’t be too “salesy”, don’t forget to promote yourself, etc… it can go on for days.

So we thought we would throw our hat in the ring, provide you with a short list of Real Estate Tweets that every real estate agent should have tucked away, ready to go when the time is right and that some some social media marketing “expert” will promptly decry as wrong.

Real Estate Tweet 1

Just Listed/Just Sold/Open House/Price Reduced – Every time you get a new listing Tweet it. It doesn’t matter how many you get unless you are getting new listings 3 or 4 times a day, every day, it won’t be enough to offend your followers. The same principle applies to just sold, open houses and price reductions. For the vast majority of agents these real estate tweets won’t create enough volume to negatively impact your followers. Think we’re wrong about the volume not being an issue? Our friends over at the Marketing Technology Blog beg to differ with this post – They’re Wrong… You’re Not Tweeting Enough

Real Estate Tweet 2

Love this home – room design – unique Feature – Many homes have something about them that makes them unique. Whether it be an incredible fireplace, amazing kitchen or space age home theater room. These features provide an excellent opportunity for you to Tweet about the home without actively selling it. Just add a picture and comment why you like the feature. (If you have a Pinterest account put it there too!)

Real Estate Tweet 3

5 homes for sale under market value link to blog post – This is a Real Estate Tweet that provides immeasurable value to a real estate agent. Do a little research on the local MLS system and find 5 homes in your target area that are for sale under market value. Write a blog post about them, provide links to view them in your post (hopefully back to your own site) and then tweet a link to your blog post. This will have the added benefit of sending traffic to your site as well.

Most of your followers should know that you are a real estate agent. Because of this they are going to see these Real Estate Tweets as just part of who you are and what you do. These Real Estate Tweets are going to reinforce that you are an expert in your area. Someone that I want to call when I am looking to buy, sell or make a referral.

P.S. Something I included in the last Tweet actually applies to all of the Real Estate Tweets. Want to get the most out of these Tweets? Write a blog post and include a link to the post in the Tweet!