Interacting with your sphere and farming area on a regular basis is imperative to growing your real estate business. Adding some variety to your deliverables will help you to stand out from other agents. Most people appreciate getting a holiday greeting in any format. It’s a great opportunity for an agent to engage with their contacts in a way that is not specifically tied to real estate. Below are some tips when sending a holiday message.
Don’t be overly salesy. This is the time to enhance your personal connection. Including your branding is enough of a reminder to keep you in mind for real estate needs.
Do be aware that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Sending a versatile Happy Holidays or Happy New Years’ card is a good idea when you are unsure if a specific holiday greeting would be appropriate for those in your sphere.
Don’t just wait for the end of the year to send cards. While Thanksgiving, Christmas & Happy Holidays cards in December are the most popular time to send cards, you should consider sending holiday cards throughout the year as well.
Do tie-in holiday events that you or your office may be doing. For example, join me for a holiday walk, coat drive, or other festive activity that you are involved in to support your community.
Don’t forget to update your mailing list on a regular basis. Ideally, you are tracking birthdays, home anniversaries, addresses, emails, and other notes on all of your contacts. Missing some addresses for prospects? Utilize the information that you have (email or phone number) to reach out so you can update your contact database (CRM).
Do include your farming area that you have been working to establish yourself in with Just Listed/Just Sold and other direct mail options used to grow your sphere.
Have you ordered your end-of-year holiday cards yet? We offer both holiday postcards (4×6, 6×9 & 6×11) and greeting cards with envelopes. Best of all, we make it easy for you to cross this off your list!
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