As a real estate agent there is a lot of competition for web site traffic. You are competing with other agents, brokers, and national sites for visitors. Blogging is one the strongest and most cost effective real estate marketing strategies for bringing visitors to your site over others. Below are some tips to help you with your blog:

Provide Content of Value

Quality content is probably the most important thing to the success of your blog. Write blog posts that are relevant to the area that you want to work in. Make sure that the content that you are writing contains something of value to the reader. This could be local market statistics, home improvement tips, how to prepare a home for sale, etc… The possibilities are endless. The important thing is that the content help establish you as an expert in your area.

Use Local Terms in your Blog Posts

Most online searches start with a city/town/area name followed by homes for sale, such as “Indianapolis Homes For Sale”. By including local words like “Indianapolis” in your posts you are helping the search engines know that your pages should show up in searches for “Indianapolis”.

Blog Regularly

The frequency and regularity with which you post will greatly impact your search rankings. It does you no good to write a number of posts all at once and then stop for six months. It is better to write just one or two posts per week for six months than to do them all at once. This tells the search engines that you have new content on a regular basis, that your site is current and that it should keep checking back for new content.

Push Your Blog Posts to Social Media

Push your blog posts to your Facebook pages, twitter feeds, and other social media sites. This will help your content be seen not only by visitors to your site but also by people on the social media sites. This not only helps you get your message out but also helps you attract new readers.