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Is Email Marketing Dead?

For years I have been hearing that email marketing is dead. Social Media, text messaging, mobile apps, etc... have all been touted as the email killer. The reality is that while Social Media, text messaging and mobile apps are strong communication and marketing strategies, nothing beats email marketing. 77% of [...]

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4 Tips to get Real Estate Agents started with Email Marketing

Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns. What do I email about? Where do I get my list of email addresses? How many/how often should I send? Should I promote my listings And many [...]

Real Estate Email Marketing Reports

What do all of those terms in my email marketing reports mean? Opened - The number of unique people that opened an email at least once.  Even though they may have opened the email more than once they are still only counted once. Unopened - The number of emails that [...]

How Many Referrals Do You Get?

I probably see or hear hundreds of subtle requests for referrals from agents on a daily basis.  I see them in emails, on voicemails, in signature blocks, and on business cards.  While I've seen some clever ones, most are one of a few standard cookie cutter messages.  I've been asked [...]

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QR Codes for Real Estate

Digital Home Info has integrated QR Codes into its Real Estate Marketing platform. In addition to being available for immediate download and use in other marketing media we have integrated QR Codes into the new Virtual Tour flyers and will be adding them to signs and riders.

QR Code Marketing: Helping REALTORS® Avoid Common Mistakes

Though they’ve been around for years in Japan, the QR code has just become a popular U.S. marketing trend in the last year or two.  REALTORS® are taking advantage of this tool in a number of ways including use on business cards, property flyers and on signage.  While QR codes are a [...]

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