Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns.

  • What do I email about?
  • Where do I get my list of email addresses?
  • How many/how often should I send?
  • Should I promote my listings
  • And many more questions.

So we thought we would put together a small list of things to help Real Estate Agents start their email marketing program.

Just Get Started – It doesn’t matter how large your email list is at the moment. Just get started. Many agents want to wait until they have compiled a large list and then get started. The problem with this strategy is that compiling the list becomes a daunting task that gets pushed to the bottom of the list and never gets done. Which means that email program never gets started. We recommend that you start with the 10 or 20 email addresses that you have. This will motivate you to get more because your program is now running and needs more which makes it a priority.

Grow your list – A sure fire way to get a good list of email addresses is to pick up the phone, call your past clients and tell them that you are starting a newsletter program and want to know if you can add them to your list. This also gives you a chance to reconnect directly with past clients and ask if they know of anyone looking to buy or sell.

Send a regular newsletter – The whole point and purpose of email marketing for REALTORS┬« is to stay top of mind when someone needs a real estate agent. The best way to do this is to send a newsletter regularly. Your frequency is best determined by you and what you think your subscribers will want. We’ve seen agents send every week up to once every other month. The most important thing is that you are consistent and regular in your sends.

Promote your listings – Send Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House emails. These emails are a bit different than newsletters. Their content is more timely in nature so you can send a few of these per month and not worry about overwhelming your subscribers.

These tips should help any real estate agent get their email marketing program going. Once the program is running smooth and you are comfortable with it you can start looking into the more advanced features like drip campaigns for lead generation or list segmentation.