Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip for REALTORS®

Real Estate Seo

Photo Courtesy of Paloma Gómez via Flickr

Many broker offices have a web site.  That web site usually provides a profile page for their real estate agents.  Often agents will set these profile pages to automatically redirect the browser to the agents web site.  This is good for getting the viewer directly to the agents site.  But some agents might be missing out on a great Real Estate SEO opportunity.  Instead of redirecting the browser the agent could fill in the bio information and include a link back to their website.

In html coding terms a link is called an anchor tag.  Anchor tags include attributes and one of these is the title attribute.  The title attribute is used by search engines to help them classify sites.

For Example:

<a href=”agent website url” title=”Indianpolis Real Estate Agent”>agent website url</a>

In the link above a search engine would see that “Indianapolis Real Estate Agent” should be associated with the site at “agent website url”.

By including a link in the profile page the search engine sees a back link to the agents site.  This link also has the terms the agent wants to be found for describing it.  This helps the search engine classify the agents web site.

Back links are a major factor in SEO.  Anytime you get an opportunity to include a back link on a reputable site make sure that you do and that it includes the title attribute.

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