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We often get asked about the signs required to use our service.  What size are they?  Do you have riders? Are they color? Are they reusable? etc…  So here are some answers to many of the questions we have been asked about signs.

How much are they?

18″x 24″ 8mm (heavy duty) Cor-X Panels (including H-stake) are $37.00 each for quantities less than 10 and $34.00 each for quantities of 10 or more

6″x24″ rider (Cor-X Panels or aluminum) are $15.00 each for quantities less than 10 and $10.00 each for for quantities of 10 or more

Shipping is included in the cost of the signs.

Are the Real Estate Signs reusable?

Yes, they are!  Each sign will have a unique code on it.  This code is assigned to a listing when you set it up in our system.  Once you sell the listing you can reassign the code to another property and use the sign again.

Where are the holes in the riders placed?

The standard hole placement is: two center holes are 16″ on center and the two outside holes are 2 1/2″ to center from the outside edges both on top and bottom.  Hole placement can be however you’d like or you can have no holes at all. We will confirm the placement of holes with you before we order the signs.

What do the signs and riders look like?

See image at the end of this post.

I have my own Real Estate sign company, can I use them?

Yes, you can.  We will provide you with a template and guidelines on what is required on each sign.  You can then take this to your sign company and get them or use the guidelines to create your own unique sign.

Do I have to order signs to use your service?

No, but if you want to get the most out of our service it is advisable.  We have many REALTORS® that promote their text messaging and toll free call capture in many other mediums and are quite successful but they still place signs in the yard to get the most impact.

Are the signs full color? Double sided?

Yes and yes.  All signs are full color and double sided.  The colors are designed to match your agency’s colors to provide consistent branding.

Real Estate Yard Sign

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