What is a Real Estate Drip Campaign? 

To put it simply, the term “drip campaign” refers to a method of marketing that real estate agents use in which they send a series of automated emails to individuals who meet certain criteria, like first-time buyers or a buyer in general.

Real estate agents can set custom settings on how many, which emails get sent, and the rate at which they are sent. These automated emails can also be customized to include the recipient’s name (using merge tags).

Drip campaigns allow real estate professionals to widen their network and strengthen the trust that existing leads have in them. It also allows them to more easily identify which leads are hot and should be kept top-of-mind, as opposed to those who are clearly not yet ready to make a move.

Types of Drip Campaigns

The concept of a drip campaign is simple enough, but there are also a few subtypes of drip campaigns, each with its own purpose. 

Lead Nurturing 

A lead, as you already know, is someone who has been identified as a potential client. The first type of email drip campaign is meant to entice said leads into becoming actual customers or at least begin to engage with you as a real estate expert.

These emails are meant to be enticing by providing a few comprehensive paragraphs to help educate the leads about the specific services offered and more about how their expertise can help them with their real estate needs. These kinds of emails also decrease the need for hand-holding by answering some common questions. The purpose of this email is to convince potential leads to sign up for a newsletter, follow social media pages and visit your website.