How to Generate Leads Using Email Marketing: 

It’s hard to believe that email has been around since 1971, though it’s definitely been utilized more in the last few decades. Can you imagine not having email as a communication option? In 1978, an email marketing campaign was sent out for the first time. It was delivered to 400 recipients and was linked to 13 million dollars in sales! With the birth of the internet and the launch of email services in the 1990s, email quickly spread worldwide. Since then, businesses have taken advantage of the convenience of email to connect with customers, new and old, leading to more sales! 

There’s a reason why email marketing has been around for so long – it works! Email marketing provides a $36 return for every $1 spent, proving how cost-effective and successful this strategy really can be! (Litmus) Now, collecting emails is one thing but driving sales is another. It’s all about finding an effective strategy that 1 – encourages opens, 2 – keeps their attention, and 3 – attracts click-throughs or leads to your call to action. The following 5 tips will help you to generate leads with email marketing! 

1. Provide Value (don’t just sell!) 

Why do people sign up for anything in life? They believe they will get something out of it, and it’s no different with email marketing. Give your newsletter subscribers a reason to keep opening week after week! Provide a sneak peek into the value that you can provide to them. Show off your expertise with tips, insights, or personal stories. It’s important to build this connection with your audience, rather than treating them solely as customers. A good rule of thumb is to educate 90% and promote 10% of the time. Remember, they’re not just an email address, there’s a real person behind the screen too – connect with them! 

2. Structure for Conversions