What’s new this week?

2 new Real Estate Email Marketing Drip Campaigns Many of you utilize the Buyers & Sellers drip series when you begin working with a customer. We have added 2 more:

-First Time Buyers

-Downsizing Sellers

Don’t forget, once these drip series are sent to your contacts, they will automatically be added to your default email list (if you haven’t already added them). You can also modify the content to make it your own. Once you do and save it, your version is ready to go to use in the future.

Why Agent Sauce?

We’ve had a great response to last week’s email. Some of you have asked about our new name and why we picked it. You may have heard the saying, “the secret is in the sauce” or heard businesses talk about the secret sauce to their success…meaning what differentiates them from their competition. After working with agents for nearly a decade, we came to realize that the most successful agents that we’ve met have created a niche, do things a little differently and/or have unique processes in place that have helped them create a lucrative career in real estate. Whether you are a single agent with your own company, are affiliated with a large national real estate company or anywhere in between, you still need your own brand to stay competitive. As we continue to add options to our system, you’ll see tools that will allow you to hone in on who you are as an agent and communicate that to potential clients. If you are already there, it will help you easily incorporate your unique brand into all of your marketing so that you can focus on doing what you love-working with clients to help them buy and sell homes!