A few weeks ago I wrote about Yahoo updating their DMARC policy and how this would affect emails delivery if you use a email address. Well, it looks like AOL has followed suit and done the same thing.

This means that if you are using an email address for business purposes you are about to run into a bit of difficulty. None of your transactional emails (new listing alerts from you MLS, information from Zillow/Trulia, etc…) will get through, none of your Email Marketing from an Email Service Provider will get through and if you use an email client to send emails through an SMTP server that isn’t AOL’s those emails won’t get delivered either.

This impacts all Email Service Providers, not just Digital Home Info

So what can you do about it?

We recommend that you stop using a free service email address (aol, hotmail, outlook, yahoo, gmail, etc…) for your business purposes. Go register a domain and start using that email address. Not only will you avoid the above problem you will also get the added bonus of more exposure for your business.