3 Ways REALTORS can use Text Messaging and SMS

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Real Estate Text Messaging

Text Messaging is an emerging technology in the Real Estate industry.  REALTORS are using it in many different ways.  We thought we would list 3 ways that REALTORS could use texting to generate leads.

  1. Mobile Flyers – Many mobile services (like Digital Home Info) offer a mobile real estate flyer that returns the property and agent information in a text message.  Many of them also offer an instant notification that provides the lead information to the agent.
  2. Mobile Virtual Tours – If your virtual tours are mobile optimized include a link to the mobile version at the bottom of mobile flyers and messages that you send to prospects.
  3. Text Card – A text message business card.  Puts your information on a prospects phone and provides you with their lead information at the same time.

These are just a few of the many ways that text messaging can be used by REALTORS.  Let us know how you are using text messaging by leaving a comment.

About the Author:

Adam Small is the CEO and co-founder of Agent Sauce. Agent Sauce grew out of Connective Mobile, a mobile text messaging platform. Prior to Connective Mobile, Adam was the CIO of a national mobile technology company.