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Testimonials and Reviews for Real Estate | Real Estate Testimonials and Reviews

We decided it would be a good idea to do a podcast on recommendations, testimonials and reviews, and how they can impact your real estate business being found online. Real Estate Testimonials and Reviews Takeaways Get a Google My Business Page. Continuously ask for Testimonials and Reviews. Respond to Testimonials [...]

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Senior Relocation Services – Interview with Harmony Moves

An enlightening interview with Johna Cripe and Nicky Corder on the Senior Relocation services that Harmony Moves offers. A must listen for any real estate agent. Senior Relocation Services Links Senior Relocation Services Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is [...]

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Internet of Things and Real Estate Marketing

Internet of Things The Internet of Things is about to connect us in ways that we never imagined. We talk about how this is going to impact the real estate marketing world in this episode. Internet of Things Take Aways Internet of Things Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Good afternoon, this [...]

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Blockchain in Real Estate

We discuss what Blockchain technology is and how it can used in the real estate industry for to provide greater transactional security. Blockchain in Real Estate Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hi there, Adam Small here with Agent Sauce, and this is the real estate marketing podcast. With me as always [...]

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Real Estate Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Real Estate Digging into video marketing and how to make great videos for real estate marketing. Hint - it's more than just listings and tours. Real Estate Video Marketing Podcast Transcript Adam Small: Hello and welcome to the Real Estate marketing Podcast by Agent Sauce. I'm Adam [...]

Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages In this episode we focus on Real Estate Landing Pages. We talk about what they are, how to use them to generate leads and provide value to your customers. Real Estate Landing Pages Take Aways Create more real estate landing pages Test real estate landing pages [...]

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography - Getting the most out of it. In this podcast we discuss tips and tricks to making great photos for your real estate marketing and why real estate photography is so important to growing your real estate business. Real Estate Photography Take Aways Clean Up! - make [...]

Real Estate Podcasting

Real Estate Podcast Looking to enhance your real estate marketing with a Real Estate Podcast? Listen to our real estate podcast where we talk about how to get started with your own real estate podcast, what equipment and software you will need, how to syndicate and distribute your real estate [...]

Millennial Marketing for Real Estate Agents | Podcast

Important Factors in Real Estate Millennial Marketing Most real estate agents know that Millennials are one of the fastest growing segments of real estate buyers. With that in mind we sat down with our very millennial, Intern Austin, and talked about real estate Millennial Marketing. Real Estate Millennial Marketing Take [...]

Real Estate CRM

A key feature of any Real Estate CRM is that it should make your job easier and less time consuming. Our Real Estate CRM is designed to do just that. Combined with our real estate lead generation and real estate marketing automation tools our Real Estate CRM enables you to [...]

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