What is a real estate CRM and why do you need one?

When people think of a Real Estate Agent – they might picture them, keys in hand, opening the door to a newly renovated home, showing eager prospective buyers what could be theirs. 

It would be great if that was all it took to sell a home, right? As a Real Estate Agent, the reality is that you wear many hats. You are busy managing your business while scouting out new leads and maintaining relationships with current customers. 

When you are first starting, it might work to manage contacts manually. However, for a Real Estate Agent with a growth mindset focused on scaling your business, you will eventually need a system to help manage those contacts you worked hard to acquire. 

That’s where Real Estate CRM software comes in. CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM software offers benefits in many industries, but real estate CRMs focus on helping agents manage customer relationships, leading to more sales and referrals. 

How does a CRM work?

A CRM is where customer data calls “home.” It is where you keep track of and manage all communication with your leads. In its simplest form, a CRM system is a database that keeps track of customer contact info, but it does so much more. The CRM software keeps track of your interactions, notes, and status of your current and potential buyers. The CRM helps streamline all aspects of the customer journey from marketing campaigns, customer service, sales, etc. The CRM provides a 360-degree view of the customer all in one place. Anyone on your team (if you have one) who you authorize can look at the lead profile and know where the customer is in the customer journey. A Real Estate CRM has specific capabilities unique to the in