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Our customers have often told us that most of the people that they meet aren’t ready to buy or sell right away. This is where lead nurturing with email marketing enters the picture. Just because someone isn’t ready to buy or sell right then doesn’t mean that they aren’t a lead. A strong lead nurturing program can be the difference between good and great! We recommend that our customers ask for their email address and cultivate the relationship from there. It works like this:

Create two email drip series – we recommend two series to get started. One is targeted towards buyers and the towards sellers. The important thing here isn’t to sell the lead on your services but to provide something of value that demonstrates that you are the expert they should when they are ready. For example – a quick analysis of steps to take when preparing to buy or sell a home (what sort of financial info is needed, things to inspect in the home, etc…). Usually just three or four emails in the series is enough.

Make sure that the lead is moved into your email marketing newsletter list. – Even though your drip series has ended you don’t want to end communication with the prospect. Your lead nurturing system should move the prospect from the drip list into your newsletter list automatically. This makes it easy for you to continue providing information and stay top of mind with the prospect.

Send a regular real estate email marketing newsletterA key part to staying top of mind when it is time to buy or sell is regular and consistent communication with your sphere. The easiest and most unobtrusive way to do this is via email marketing. It allows REALTORS© to provide information of value to their sphere without having to call or meet each person while allowing the sphere to decide whether or not they want to receive the communications.

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