Earlier this month we posted 4 Blog Tips for Real Estate so we thought that we would do a follow up and provide 10 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents this week.

1. List Post – List posts are great… because they work. Try creating a list of events in your area, great places to go, the best schools in your area, etc…

2. Preparing Your Home for Sale Post – Make a list of the things that a seller should do to prepare a home for sale.

3. FAQ Post – Many new homebuyers and sellers are new to the process. Create a list of Frequently Asked Questions and make it blog post. Better yet, do a post for buyers and another one for sellers.

4. Checklist Post – Make a checklist for buyers and sellers. This could be getting financing in order, home preparation, etc…

5. Definition Post – Real Estate a vocabulary all it’s own. So make a list of terms and acronyms that are specific to the real estate industry and define them so that people understand what they mean.

6. Story Post – Tell a story, make it interesting and relative to real estate. It could be about a former customer or a time when you showed a listing and it wasn’t exactly up to par. Just make it interesting.

7. Presentation Post – Publish your listing presentation or buyers presentation as a blog post. This will give site visitors an interesting look at why they should hire you.

8. Customer Showcase Post – Everytime you sell a home (whether on the buyers or sellers side) write a post about how you helped your customer and how satisfied they are.

9. News Post – There is a lot of interesting stuff going on in the real estate world. Write a post about the something newsworthy that might affect a customer.

10. Stats Post – A monthly stats post on how the real estate market is doing in your area is a great addition to any blog. Just be careful to make sure that it isn’t the only content that you post to your blog.

These 10 ideas should keep you going for a long time.