When it comes to Real Estate Email Marketing growing your email list is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our agents. This is a valid concern! All email lists will shrink over time. People close email accounts, opt-out because they are no longer interested or simply stop reading your emails. In order to keep your email marketing effective you need to be proactive in growing your list. We have compiled a couple of tips below to help you in your efforts.

  • Open Houses – Many agents that we talk to see Open Houses as a necessary evil to listing a home. We tend to see it as an opportunity. Collect email addresses of people that walk through the home. Chances are good that many of them are just neighbors walking through and being nosy but at some point many of them will want to sell their home. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself in person and stay top of mind by asking if you can add them to your email list and sending them emails until they are ready to buy or sell.
  • Web Site Form – Put an email sign up form on your website! Let me say it again, put an email sign up form on your website! We see so many agents that seem to be doing marketing right but they leave out this one basic step. Even if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic the form still helps. Most people that end up on your site are interested in buying or selling. Which means they are likely to be interested in hearing from you. And are likely to want to be added to your email list.
  • Include signup link in your emails – Seems strange to suggest a link to a signup page in your email right? Emails get forwarded all the time. If someone forwards your email, and the receiver likes your content, it is easier to convert them to a subscriber if there is a link in the email that takes them right to your signup form. Make it easy to sign up for your email list.

These are just a few tips that can help you grow your email list.