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Real Estate CRM

A key feature of any Real Estate CRM is that it should make your job easier and less time consuming. Our Real Estate CRM is designed to do just that. Combined with our real estate lead generation and real estate marketing automation tools our Real Estate CRM enables you to [...]

Email Marketing Frequency for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Email Marketing FrequencyIn this episode, we discuss email marketing frequency for real estate email marketing newsletters. We touch on the necessity to evaluate your real estate sphere, the type of content in your real estate agent email, and the importance of consistency when sending your real estate marketing [...]

Real Estate Email Marketing

Getting Started with Real Estate Email Marketing Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of real estate email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns. What do I email about? Where do I get my list of email addresses? How many/how often should [...]

CRM Image Library

Want to easily find pictures for your emails that you send to your contacts? We've just added an image library that contains pictures that are free to use. Search for photos as you need them or identify pictures for later by marking them as a favorite. In addition to the [...]

Easter Real Estate Email Templates!

Easter is coming up this weekend and some of you may want to send an email to your contacts. We just made it even easier for you to to this with our new Easter Real Estate Email Templates. In fact, you can set one up in less than five minutes [...]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

For years I have been hearing that email marketing is dead. Social Media, text messaging, mobile apps, etc... have all been touted as the email killer. The reality is that while Social Media, text messaging and mobile apps are strong communication and marketing strategies, nothing beats email marketing. 77% of [...]

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Using a email address

Late Friday afternoon (April 4, 2014) Yahoo made a change to their authentication policy for people sending emails from email addresses. Without getting into the technical details, Yahoo has turned on a new authentication policy that allows it to say that emails can only come from email [...]

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