A key feature of any Real Estate CRM is that it should make your job easier and less time consuming. Our Real Estate CRM is designed to do just that. Combined with our real estate lead generation and real estate marketing automation tools our Real Estate CRM enables you to collect and act on more data about your contacts and real estate leads than ever before and spend less time doing it. Organize contacts by source, relationships, interests, score and more. We put everything you need to know about your contacts and leads in all in one place.

The Contact Manager, Lead Tracker, Action Plans, Action Items, and Email Marketing System make up the core of our Real Estate CRM. In our Plus program these features are further enhanced with Real Estate Social Marketing, Referral and Testimonial Engines, Inbox Scanner, SMS/Toll Free Call Capture, Virtual Tours and Mobile App for account management on the go. Learn More:

Real Estate Contact Manager

The Agent Sauce Real Estate Contact Manager will help you:

  • Import and Manage Contacts
  • Track Relationships
  • Track Lead Status
  • Track Opportunity Amounts
  • Track Closing Information
  • And More!

Real Estate Email Marketing

Our Real Estate Email Marketing system was built from the ground up for Real Estate agents. Some of our features include:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Real Estate Specific Templates (Just Listed, Just Sold, etc…)
  • Simple drag and drop email create your own email designer.
  • Drip Campaigns
  • E-Cards

Real Estate Action Items

With our unique real estate action system you can assign a number of different tasks to different contacts and be reminded on a regular basis as to when each item is due. Use daily email reminders, calendaring options, and in dash lists to help you keep in touch with your sphere.

Real Estate Lead Manager

The real estate lead manager integrates lead management and status tracking into a robust Real Estate CRM that enables you to effective measure buyers, sellers, opportunity amounts and much more.

Real Estate CRM Podcast

Take Aways for Real Estate CRM

  • Ease of use is one of the most important features.
  • A Real Estate CRM should be more than just a contact database. It should have lead generation and marketing automation features as well.
  • Data must be able to be quantified with metrics .

Real Estate CRM Show Notes

  • Real Estate CRM Features [1:30]
  • What is a Real Estate CRM [2:30]
  • Maintaining Touch [4:00]
  • Marketing Automation [5:55]
  • Real Estate Lead Tracking and Activity Tracking[8:30]
  • Real Estate CRM use is like investing or momentum [11:50]
  • Things to look for in a Real Estate CRM [13:00]

Real Estate CRM Podcast Transcript

Adam Small: Hi there. Adam Small here with Agent Sauce, and this is the Real Estate Marketing podcast. With me, as always, is Doug Karr of DK New Media.
Doug Karr: I’m here.
Adam Small: That’s good to know. Otherwise, I’d be seeing things.
Doug Karr: Wouldn’t be much of a conversation with only one person.
Adam Small: Well, I’d be the smartest guy in the room.
Doug Karr: You do talk to yourself a lot.
Adam Small: How are you doing today, Doug?
Doug Karr: Fantastic.
Adam Small: Good to know. Listen, so today I thought we could go over what a Real Estate CRM is and talk about the features, and the reasons to have it, that sort of thing. What do you think?
Doug Karr: I like it. You said before when we were talking about this subject, “Man, this might be boring.”
Adam Small: I was a little concerned, because you define things, and the last thing I want is for people to go, “I already know this.”
Doug Karr: Yeah, I think a lot of people know about Real Estate CRMs, but I think people make the mistake of not using them.
Adam Small: I’ve run into that many a time.
Doug Karr: They think, “This is going to be a pain in the butt. I got to record everything. This is too much hassle.” So they don’t see the return on investment.
Adam Small: I guess that that right there is probably the number one feature of a Real Estate CRM that you want is usability. Right?
Doug Karr: Yeah, absolutely. If it’s hard to use, and you got to change all your processes, and slow down, and you’re entering data two hours a day, you don’t want it.
Adam Small: Yeah. It’s funny, because you’ve heard me say it before, and I think I’ve even said it on the podcast before. Technology should be an enabler of business, not a disabler of business. It can be done in a lot of ways, processes, and hard to use software, where you’re required to change your process and the way you do business to suit the software, just isn’t going to fly.
Doug Karr: Right, exactly.
Adam Small: So you might want to make sure, no matter what you’re looking at, whether it be a Real Estate CRM, or a word processor, whatever it is, you want to make sure that it enables you to do the job you want to do, not changes the way you have to do things. Yeah, I guess that’s the first feature.
Let’s talk about the general overview of a Real Estate CRM. What is a CRM, in general?
Doug Karr: It’s basically a database. It’s a customer database, and it’s for helping build relationships. It’s a customer relationship management system.
Adam Small: It’s a lot more than just a Rolodex, though. With a Real Estate CRM, not only do you collect the basic of information about somebody, name, email address, phone number, that sort of thing, but you also record your contacts and your information with them. I talked to them on this day, and I emailed them on this day, and I phone called. Even social media interactions with them can all go into it so that you have this running history of the relationship with that person.
The good Real Estate CRMs have a nice feature that will remind you it’s been 30 days since you talked to this guy. Maybe you need to talk to him. The way it ideally should work is that you can grade them, grade your contacts, A, B, C, D, that sort of thing. Then put a rule on there that says, “My A customers, I want to be talking to them every two weeks. And my B contacts, I want to be every month or every quarter. And my Cs are every six months, and my Ds are once a year.”
It’s just a matter of touching base with a lot of it. If you’ve got a good email marketing program going, that can substitute a lot of it, but you still want to get that personal touch in there.
Doug Karr: Yeah, I think the hard part nowadays is for people to maintain touch with everybody. The Real Estate CRM, where it can save you time, is if you already know that you had sent an email out, and the person clicked through on it, now maybe it triggers you to give them a call. Or maybe you say that’s great. I touched them this month. I’ll touch them again next month.
There’s times where it’s going to save you a lot of time, and there’s other times where it’s going to keep you accountable, that holy smokes, I didn’t follow up with that person that I said that I was going to. How many times does that happen to us personally?