How to use Direct Mail to Market Yourself as the Local Real Estate Expert

Is direct mail even effective anymore? Is it worth the effort and expense when everyone is online nowadays? These are questions that often get asked about direct mail marketing. In reality, direct mail marketing has an overall higher response rate than email! It tends to give the receiver a more personal experience because of its tangible nature. This more personal experience leads to more trust between the sender and the receiver. According to a research study by Marketing Sherpa, 76% of people trust the ads they receive in their mailbox. You have to admit, receiving mail in your mailbox does feel a lot more personal than an email in your inbox (not that your email strategy isn’t important too). 

If you’re new to this strategy, it can be easy to get lost in the process. So, let’s go over the 5 questions that will help you as you kickstart your direct mail marketing journey! 

#1 WHAT is your goal? 

First, define what the goal of your direct mail campaign actually is. Think of the best outcome you’d derive when the campaign closes. Obviously, you want to gain more leads but are there other actions the recipient can take to engage with you so that you can continue to build trust? Does your website provide valuable information for potential clients? What about your social pages? Define your goal and ensure that you have the right calls to action to prompt people to do the things that will help you to further engage and be more successful. Make sure your goals are realistic. Getting 5 new listings (or buyers) from a single send to a farmed area is very unlikely. However, if you are consistent, you should see results.

#2 WHO is your audience? Direct Mail

It’s important to define your target audience – AKA the best matches for your campaign. Do you love working with first-time homebuyers? Are people looking to downsize? Are you hoping to become a real estate expert in a particular neighborhood? Don’t forget your sphere of influence too! Direct Mail is a great way to stay in touch with past clients and prospects.

#3 WHERE is it going? 

From here, create your mailing lists! The top two ways of collecting mailing addresses include directly from leads and your sphere of influence or by obtaining addresses through a company (like Agent Sauce) that offers direct mail services so that you can farm an area. Find the approach that works best for you and your budget! Many agents will do a combination of both their sphere and an area or areas where they want to form a presence. When farming, you can target certain neighborhoods, streets, or general areas where you have and/or would like to work. If people see your postcards regularly and your sold signs in the neighborhood, they are likely to see you as a good choice for helping them with their real estate needs.

#4 HOW are you marketing? 

Unsurprisingly, larger envelopes get the most attention, followed by postcards then dimensional mail and catalogs. 6×9 postcards are a popular choice for real estate agents. They are big enough to stand out and are a cost-effective option. Don’t forget to include the call to action, the GOAL of the mailer. Consider adding a QR code on your mailers to make it easy for your customer to follow through online! Testimonials are also an effective method for building trust. A few great ideas for eye-catching mailers include… 

  • Just Sold or Just Listed properties in the area
  • Home Maintenance Reminders
  • Highlights of local businesses and activities 
  • Holiday Themed Cards
  • CMA Offers (Want to know how much your home is worth today?)

#5. WHEN are you going to send it?

Timing of certain direct mail pieces is important, like holiday greetings, for example. While there is a little bit of a buffer, it’s better to receive a holiday card before the actual holiday. More important than the timing of particular pieces of direct mail is making sure you have an overall strategy with your direct mail marketing. You can’t send one piece (especially when farming to people who have not met you yet) and expect a great response. Many real estate coaches recommend sending monthly. Determine a long-term budget for your direct mail marketing over a several-month period so you know how many you can send consistently each month (bimonthly or quarterly). 

Agent Sauce offers direct mail-only accounts (no monthly fee) that allow agents to save their profile preferences and pay only for the postcards that they order. Set up your print-only account today to see options and get started!

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