Are you looking for a marketing strategy that can help you reach potential clients and generate leads…one that has a proven track record for real estate agents? Look no further than direct mail!

Direct mail, a physical piece of mail that is sent directly to a recipient’s mailbox, may not be the latest marketing technique out there, but there is a reason that it is still being utilized by successful real estate agents. It is still a very effective tool for real estate agents and is encouraged by many of the top real estate business coaches. Direct mail allows you to provide potential clients with more information about your services and how you can help them buy or sell a home. It also allows you to reach consumers that you don’t already have contact information with but are similar to other clients that you have worked with in the past.

Consistently sending to the same list helps you to establish your expertise so that you are top of mind when they (or someone they know) are ready to buy or sell. A survey of US consumers 18 years of age and older shows that 72% of people read direct mail the day it comes in. Include something that prompts a response (Call To Action) and consumers are likely to revisit the piece more than once. Your content doesn’t have to be all about real estate. Sending info about things going on in the area or home tips on how to prepare for changing seasons are well received and often held on to longer.

One advantage of direct mail is that it allows agents to target specific demographics or geographic areas. This can be especially useful for agents who specialize in working with a particular type of client or who focus on a specific neighborhood or region. By tailoring the content of their mailers to the needs and interests of their target audience, agents can increase the chances that their marketing efforts will be successful.

Another advantage of direct mail, when compared to other marketing, is the fact that it is a tangible communication. It’s one of few marketing mediums that allows you to appeal to the sense of touch. Postcards and greeting cards stand out in the mailbox due to their size and use of color. Holding something with your branding feels more personal to the consumer.

While direct mail may not be the most cutting-edge marketing technique available to real estate agents, it can still be a very valuable tool when used in conjunction with other marketing strategies. By targeting specific demographics and including a range of content in their mailings, agents can effectively reach potential clients and generate leads.