Every agent knows that referrals are an important part of growing your business. Sometimes you get them from friends and family without even asking. Most of the time though, people won’t think to refer you, even if they were happy with you as an agent. It’s important to ask for referrals. You can do this in a subtle way by including something in your signature block, on your site, or in a tagline on your emails. You can also ask in person during a listing meeting, during the process of working with someone or following a closing. We have just added another way for you to ask via email in a more personalized manner using our Agent Sauce Referral Engine.

The Agent Sauce Referral Engine makes it easy to pull up a contact, click a request referral button and personalize the template already set up for you. Once you send it, the recipient can easily click a link to share a referral with you and when they do, our system tracks the request and the referral for you. This is a feature in our Plus Program. See the video below to learn how it works.

Have questions? Contact us at info@agentsauce.com