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Looks like another close!

Showing another house today.

Just sold another one.

Up late negotiating another deal.

I’m friends with a ton of Real Estate Agents on Facebook and Twitter. Not just a few – dozens. And every day I read social media updates like the ones above. Here’s how they look to me:





Here’s what I think when I read them.

Don’t care.

Don’t care.

Don’t care.

Don’t care.

Seriously, please stop doing this. While I’m sure you’re proud of how hard you’re working and the results you’re getting, there’s nothing about those updates that’s of value to me – your potential buyer or seller.

I don’t like to criticize others without offering solutions, so here are some tips for you:

  • Closing, showing, and late nights don’t offer me any insight into who you are as an agent, why I should trust you with my business, and how exceptional you are at your craft. Those are all vanity updates above. We get it… you’re an agent that shows, works hard and closes. Show me an agent that doesn’t do that!
  • The updates don’t show me any insight into who your customers are. Who do you love working with? In the examples above, were you working with a corporate relocation? Were you working with a young family celebrating their first home? Were you working with a family downsizing?
  • How are you having a conversation with someone who isn’t looking to sell or buy? Every day you’re working in an industry where everyone is a potential customer. People that own homes are looking to invest and increase the value of their homes – you could be giving them tips every day that you’re finding out in the field. People that don’t own homes may need to prepare financially, what tips can you provide them that you’re seeing your buyers do?

Not only that, I’m sure you’re meeting with businesses and consumers every single day that you could connect. I’m guessing that, through your network, you know hundreds or maybe thousands of people. If you become a connector for your social media network, you’ll become an indispensable resource. Your community you’ve built online will become your advocates – sharing you every time someone in their audience needs a realtor.

Take a look at your social media updates. If you’re not seeing value, you’re most likely not providing value. It’s not too late to start…

Before I unfollow you.

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