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Real Estate Blog Ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas Podcast In this episode we talk about the nature of blogging and content creation. We discuss how to generate real estate blog ideas, re-purposing your real estate blog ideas into other mediums such as real estate infographics, real estate podcasts, and real estate videos. Let us [...]

Growing Your Real Estate Email List

Growing Your Real Estate Email List Podcast Doug and I had a great talk about growing your real estate email list. We discussed various real estate marketing strategies as well as technologies that can be used in growing your real estate email list. Show Notes Pop up for New Visitors/Exit [...]

Real Estate Email Marketing

Getting Started with Real Estate Email Marketing Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of real estate email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns. What do I email about? Where do I get my list of email addresses? How many/how often should [...]

Silver Bullet Marketing in Real Estate

Silver Bullet Marketing Silver Bullet Marketing was a great topic for this episode. We talked about what it is, the difference between it and "Shiny New" marketing and the one thing that you can do to make your marketing more effective. Take Aways The Silver Bullet marketing mentality - The [...]

CRM Image Library

Want to easily find pictures for your emails that you send to your contacts? We've just added an image library that contains pictures that are free to use. Search for photos as you need them or identify pictures for later by marking them as a favorite. In addition to the [...]

Real Estate Call to Action

Real Estate Call to Action In this episode of the real estate marketing podcast we had a great discussion about how and when to use a Real Estate Call to Action in your real estate marketing. We covered the importance of including a Real Estate Call to Action (CTA) in [...]

Inbox Scanner | Real Estate Marketing

We are excited to announce the Inbox Scanner. The Agent Sauce Inbox Scanner automatically imports email addresses to your Real Estate CRM contact list. This is a new feature for our customers on the Plus program. When enabled this feature allows Agent Sauce to import the email address, first name, [...]

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Analytics for Real Estate Marketing | Podcast

Analytics In this episode of the Agent Sauce Real Estate Marketing Podcast we discuss Analytics. The means, the metrics and the value of using analytics in your real estate marketing. Some of the topics we cover are: Analytics Tools Analytics Metrics to watch What the Metrics mean And so much [...]

Real Estate Marketing Software Podcast

Real Estate Marketing Software Welcome to the first episode of the Agent Sauce Real Estate Marketing Podcast. In this episode we discuss various real estate marketing software and strategies and their applications. Take Aways Some of the real estate marketing software that we discuss are: CRM Virtual Tours Social Media [...]

Easter Real Estate Email Templates!

Easter is coming up this weekend and some of you may want to send an email to your contacts. We just made it even easier for you to to this with our new Easter Real Estate Email Templates. In fact, you can set one up in less than five minutes [...]

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