Real Estate Blog Ideas Podcast

In this episode we talk about the nature of blogging and content creation. We discuss how to generate real estate blog ideas, re-purposing your real estate blog ideas into other mediums such as real estate infographics, real estate podcasts, and real estate videos. Let us know what you think!

Show Notes

Content Creation Media [:30]
Mark Schafer – KNOWN [1:00]
Become an Authority [2:00]
Don’t talk about yourself [3:55]
What are the problems that Buyers and Sellers have? [6:00]
Remarkable Real Estate Agent Blog Ideas [10:00]
Pick your space [11:00]
Podcasting [13:15]
Re-purpose content [14:00]
Intent [15:30]
Infographics [17:20]
Seasonal Content [17:50]
Google Trends [18:00]
Content Calendar [19:40]

Podcast Transcription

Adam Small: Hi, good afternoon, this is Adam Small with Agent Sauce and this is the Real Estate Marketing Podcast. With me today is Douglas Karr of DK New Media.
Douglas Karr: I’m here.
Adam Small: All right, so Doug we were talking earlier about today’s topic and it’s gonna be Real Estate Blog Ideas and Content Creation Ideas.
Douglas Karr: The topic was talking about topics-
Adam Small: Yes we were trying to figure out the topic of the topic. Something along those lines. Contact creation ideas, right?
Douglas Karr: Yes-
Adam Small: That’s what we came up with?
Douglas Karr: Absolutely.
Adam Small: Real Estate Blog Ideas and content creation is an interesting thing in general, because you’ve got real estate blog ideas, you’ve got real estate social media posts, you’ve got real estate infographics, audio, you’ve got video, all sorts of stuff is in fact content, right? You got a wide range of opportunities and stuff, so what are some of your favorite things to write about or talk about?
Douglas Karr: On the subject, I gotta do a shout out to a friend of mine, Mark Schaefer, he came out with a book called Known. K-N-O-W-N and part of that book talks about getting known. Basically using the internet to be known. Not famous, but known. Known for, so in your case, known for real estate marketing, text marketing, mobile marketing-
Adam Small: So, kind of like becoming an authority on a topic?
Douglas Karr: Yeah, exactly, becoming an authority and some of the advice that he gives is just … What he did was eloquently put together a guide for people. I would encourage all of your listeners to pick up a copy of that book, it’s incredible. But the two biggies that he talks about is, command you place and then figure out your space. And what he means by that is and he didn’t rhyme it like that, I did, but obviously you’re an authority on something, right? That’s where you get your real estate blog ideas.
Adam Small: Right.
Douglas Karr: And even your real estate agents, but it’s not just real estate blog ideas. Some of your real estate agents are really great at young families. Some of them are good at relocating elderly people. Some of them are really good at dealing with-
Adam Small: Or could be any areas of expertise-
Douglas Karr: Exactly-
Adam Small: It could be certain types of loans, you know, you’ve got HUD loans, you’ve VA loans, you’ve got and they don’t do the loans themselves but they know all the hurdles to help somebody to get through to get that type of loan.
Douglas Karr: Right and so if you look out there at the content out there, so let’s say in central Indiana or wherever you’re listening from, is there an authority on that topic in that space already?
Adam Small: Right.
Douglas Karr: Because if you’re going to do it and you’re gonna compete with them, you might struggle, because they’ve already got authority, they’ve already got a following, everything else-
Adam Small: Not to say that it cannot be done though-
Douglas Karr: It can absolutely be done-
Adam Small: It absolutely can, it’s just gonna be a little bit-
Douglas Karr: But his point is that normally, typically, you can find opportunities where nobody is talking about a certain thing, and take your real estate blog ideas from there. Harlan Wilson, here, Harlan Wilson started a real estate company and he is totally working people that are care takers for their parents.
Adam Small: Oh okay-
Douglas Karr: And so he kn