How to Improve Your Real Estate Lead Generation

In any kind of sales industry, generating leads is extremely important. Especially in the real estate business, turning potential clients into sales is the key to success. Real estate agents are always looking for new ways to improve their levels of lead generation. The following guide explains what lead generation is, why it is important, and ten ways you can improve your real estate lead generation.

Why is Real Estate Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting prospective clients into sales. This happens when potential clients are processed through the sales pipeline. Lead generation is the lifeblood of the real estate industry.

Without generating leads, there are no sales. Without sales, there is no business at all. That’s why most real estate agents feel that lead generation is the number one priority in their job. High lead generation leads to more sales, which ultimately leads to the growth and success of the business. Thankfully, there are many creative ways you can generate leads.

10 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Lead Generation

Improving your lead generation is very important in real estate. Ideally, you should constantly be generating new business. This helps you increase your number of sales and grow your business. The higher your lead generation is, the more sales you can get and the more money your business can make. There are many different ways to generate leads. The following section details ten effective ways to improve your real estate lead generation.

1. Use Your Existing Database

Every real estate agent should have an extensive client database. A realtor’s database is one of the most important things they will build during their career, and effective management of it can result in many leads. What is this database, exactly?

A real estate client database is a list of people who the agent has worked with, is currently working with, and people who are potential clients. The client database is one of the realtor’s most valuable assets. Real estate agents should keep their database organized and keep in touch with all of their contacts, as they can be a large source of lead generation.

Real Estate Lead Generation2. Hold Open Houses

Open houses can be a huge source for generating leads. Real estate agents can showcase a house they need to sell and gather information from new potential clients, as well. It provides a great opportunity to sell the house, all while building up the client database, too.

Agents should be sure to warmly greet each guest, chat them up to learn more about them, and hand out their business cards. Having each guest sign in is a great way to get their contact information. Agents should be friendly (not pushy) at the open house, and follow up with any potential clients at a later time.

3. Google Ads

Utilizing Google Ads is a wonderful way to advertise your business these days. Google Ads works well for many kinds of small businesses, and real estate is no different. You can create your ad with text and images and take advantage of Pay Per Click advertising to get your money’s worth out of your advertising dollars. Using Google Ads can drive a lot of higher-quality traffic to your real estate website.

4. Social Media 

Social media is the perfect place to engage with current and future clients. It’s an effective way for a small business to connect with potential clients, and real estate is no exception. With automated social media posts, you can zero in on your audience and get meaningful results. 

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become wildly popular in recent years, and many businesses include it as a vital part of their marketing strategy. Real estate can benefit from this kind of marketing and Agent Sauce allows you to share automatically to social media channels. YouTube and TikTok are great platforms for showing properties to potential leads. This is great for both selling houses and generating leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation6. Offer Virtual Tours

The popularity of virtual tours exploded during the pandemic, with many clients viewing homes online. The popularity of virtual tours hasn’t gone away, and many clients still prefer to view a home virtually first. Home listings that offer a virtual tour often get far more views, and this gives the realtor more sales leads. Virtual tours are simple to make and an affordable way to generate more leads, with the help of Agent Sauce this can be done automatically.

7. Using Local SEO Strategies

SEO is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. In real estate, one of the best SEO strategies is targeting people locally. Local SEO is what you use to ensure when people in your geographic area search for real estate in your area, they’ll easily find you. This helps drive potential local clients right to you.

8. Send Direct Mail

Potential clients that are already interested sometimes just need a little extra push. That’s what real estate direct mail does for you. Direct mail can be sent for open houses, holidays, birthdays, and more. One of the most effective methods is to send more personalized direct mail to someone who has already shown interest. This is an effective way to convert a prospect into a client.

9. Consider Listing on a Real Estate Website

It’s good to list a home that is for sale in many places. The more places you list them, the more potential buyers see them. There are many real estate websites where you can list a home for sale. These sites are already quite popular and have many people perusing them at any given time. Websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and are great places to list your homes for sale. These kinds of sites can be a great source of leads for realtors.

10. Use a Real Estate Marketing Platform

A real estate marketing platform can help you advertise your business and generate more leads. These platforms have real estate marketing software that helps you with email marketing, social media, direct mail, landing pages, creating flyers, and much more!

Agent Sauce is the marketing platform you need to keep all of your ads organized, keep track of your social media campaigns, create flyers, and more. No special IT experience is needed. Contact us today to sign up for a free trial!

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