We are excited to announce that Digital Home Info is getting an upgrade and a name change! It will now be called Agent Sauce.

When we named Digital Home Info in 2009, it was very fitting for what we offered. We allowed agents to easily promote their listings- via text, toll free, virtual tour and basic email options. We’ve added a lot since then and have big plans to continue that growth. Yes…agents do need to market their listings but there is so much more to an agent’s success. Many times, it is years before your customer purchases another home. It’s imperative that you maintain that relationship so that when they are ready to pull the trigger again or know someone who is, it’s you that they contact. Our new system is even more about you, the agent. How you brand yourself. How you keep in touch with your sphere. How you focus on getting your ideal client. How you impress your customers.

What will the transition look like?

Our new site (https://agentsauce.com) is up and fully functional for our email only customers. We will be releasing new features each week for the next few weeks. By the end of the month, our premium customers will be able to use the site to manage all aspects of their account. Our current site (http://www.digitalhomeinfo.com) will remain active and fully functional until April 30th. However, new features will not be added to the current site.

All Digital Home Info accounts will automatically be upgraded to their corresponding Agent Sauce account level. Your cost per month will not change. So you get even more features for the same great price! You may login to Agent Sauce anytime and start checking out the new features. Your Digital Home Info username and password will work with the Agent Sauce portal. No need to make any changes.

What’s new this week?

Our new Real Estate CRM Contact Manager. Watch the video below to learn more.

Look for more updates next week! As always, if you have questions, email us at info@agentsauce.com.