Sending Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns

The video above is an overview of how to send a drip campaign to a contact in the Agent Sauce Real Estate CRM.

In the Agent Sauce CRM drip campaigns are sent according to list membership. Meaning that a contact will only receive drip campaigns if they are a member of a specific list. To get started:

Determine the list assigned to a drip campaign:

1) Click on the “Drip Campaigns” item in the left navigation menu.
2) Press the “Edit” button next to the desired drip campaign.
3) The list name is the second line on the page. It starts with “This Multi-Drip Series goes to:” and then shows the list name.

Add a contact to the drip list

1) Click on the “Contacts” item in the left navigation menu.
2) Click on the Pencil icon next to the contact you wish to edit.
3) Scroll to the bottom to see “Available Lists”
4) Press the “Plus” sign next to the desired list name (determined from above).

The contact is now added to the drip list and will get the drip email campaigns assigned to that list.

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