Email Social Links and Call To Action Buttons

You can include links to your social channels and Call to Action (plus/pro accounts only) buttons in your monthly emails and emails that you create and send. Doing this may increase subscribers, likes or follows on your various social channels or generate new leads. To do this

Login and go to your “Profile” page by clicking on your photo in the upper right corner.

Select the “Edit Profile” from the dropdown list.

Select the “Agent Information” tab.

Scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will see fields for Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. To get the social icons to show in your emails simply enter the URL for your social channel in the appropriate field.

The “Search URL” field is for the “Home Search” Call to Action button in the emails. Enter the URL here for your desired home search page. If you don’t enter a URL then the button will not appear in the email.

For plus and pro accounts, the “Refer a Friend” and “What’s My Home Worth” buttons will automatically be available in the Monthly emails. They link to landing pages to collect data and add it to the referral engine and lead system in Agent Sauce.

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