Real Estate CRM Agent Profile Overview

The video above provides a brief overview of the Agent Profile settings available to Agent Sauce CRM users. The steps are also outlined below.

Click on “edit profile” in the dropdown by your email and photo in upper right corner

Review the tabs and make sure that all of the information is complete and accurate:

Tab 1-Agent Information:

Review your information on this tab. This is the information that will be used for your emails

Tabs 2 & 3- Agent Photo & Agent Logo Tabs:

Upload your agent photo and logo (use a png or jpg file). Simply search for the file and save.

Tab 4- Email Delivery:

Here you will find all of the current automatic emails (watch for our emails letting you know of new ones being added). Turn on the ones that you want to be delivered for you and be sure to click update to save

Tab 5-Email Header:

Our system automatically creates a header for you for automatic emails. This header includes your agent photo and contact information. Some agents like to also create their own header to use in emails that they create on their own. You will upload your personal header here.

Tab 6-Tagline:
Have a short unique statement that summarizes you as an agent? Put it here and it will show up in your tour and emails.

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