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Last year we added drip email campaigns to our Real Estate Email Marketing Platform. When we released this feature we hoped to see our real estate agents create some truly great drip email campaigns and we weren’t disappointed. We have seen offices and brokers use our real estate drip email campaigns to help in the agent recruiting process, to provide coaching and marketing materials to agents, and agents use real estate drip campaigns to send newly committed buyers and sellers tips to prepare them for their buying or selling journey.

This last use really intrigued us. It would come to mind while in conversations with agents where it seemed like the perfect fit for their situation. So… we created the content, setup the lists and made the buyer and seller drips a standard part of our email and premium programs.

Now every account comes with two extra lists (Buyers and Sellers) and two drip campaigns (Buyers and Sellers). All an agent needs to do is add a contact to the Buyer or Seller email list and the contact will receive that drip campaign over the next two weeks. There are four emails in each series. They are:

Buyers Drip Email Campaigns

  • Buying a home can be fun and stressful – Delivered Day 1
  • Fixer-upper vs. Move-in Ready – Delivered Day 4
  • When searching for your next home – Delivered Day 8
  • Viewing a home – Delivered Day 12

Sellers Drip Email Campaigns

  • One of the biggest decisions – Delivered Day 1
  • Staging and Depersonalization – Delivered Day 4
  • The inside of your house is ready to show – Delivered Day 8
  • The exterior of your home is welcoming – Delivered Day 12

Although the Drip Email Campaigns are setup by default and ready to go you can edit the content and delivery schedule to better suit your preferences.

Watch the Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns video below to learn how to take advantage of this great new feature and, as always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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