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Email Marketing for REALTORS can be an overwhelming prospect and like many things if you overthink it, it will become so complicated that you just stop. That is why we recommend that our agents start with three email lists that target three core groups. Prospect Buyers, Prospective Sellers and a Monthly Newsletter email list.

Prospective Buyer Email List

This is an email list of real estate prospects that you meet that are looking to buy a home in the next six months. You want to send at least one email per month to these prospects. These emails should be about what to expect in the home buying process and how to prepare for buying a home. Talk about things like home inspections, offer negotiations, getting your finances in order for a mortgage, etc…

Prospective Seller Email List

Prospective Seller – This is an email list of real estate prospects that you meet that are considering selling their home in the next six months. You should send at least email per month. These emails should be about what to expect in the selling process. Talk about things like preparing the house for a showing, offer negotiations, relocation assistance, etc…

Monthly Newsletter Email List

Monthly Newsletter – Anyone you meet that doesn’t fit into either the Prospective Buyer or Prospective Seller email list should go in this list. This email list should be looked at as a long term “Lead Nurturing” list. Send a monthly newsletter, make sure that you have a nice, big call to action that links to a form or asks the reader to hit the “reply” button to contact you. These emails should not be Real Estate Industry specific. Nobody cares about the real estate marketing industry until they are ready to buy or sell. So make these emails about the home, or the local community, provide tips on home maintenance, or talk about special events. Just make sure that you are providing information that will be looked at as having value by your reader.

These final notes apply to all of the emails that you send. Make sure that all of the emails are designed to help you establish yourself as an expert and the local authority to contact when looking to buy or sell your home.

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